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Skin Spot Treatment with Fractional Non-Ablative Erbium Glass Laser

Fractional Non-ablative laser system emits light as microcolumns and forms clotting areas under the skin. In these columns, the natural healing process begins, which will create a new, healthy tissue.

Fractional Non-ablative skin resurfacing system can work safely in many body parts such as the face, neck, low-neck and hands.

Although CO2 laser applications that remove a portion of the epidermis and dermis are very good, a few weeks of prolonged redness and colour change can limit social life. In this method, while the uppermost layer of skin remains in place, it sends epidermis and dermis stimulants, thus providing rapid healing.

Depending on the tip used, the deep layer of the skin is affected on the 10 mm tip, removing deep wrinkles and acne marks, tightening the soft touch, reducing the pores and refreshing the skin.

And The Fractional Laser Spot Treatment effects the skin surface with a 15 mm tip, so the actual efficacy is achieved on the spots formed on the skin surface. It is used in cases of sunspots and or lentigines and pregnancy mask which there is an increase in pigmentation.

With both tips, in the first session on average 20% of the skin is affected. The recommended number of sessions is three or five. In general, visible results start from the third month.

Redness, temperature, oedema and tension may disappear in the treatment area within a few hours. The pinkish appearance on the skin can often last 5-7 days. After the application you can usually return to work and other daily activities. Most of the practitioners notice positive changes in the skin within a few days.