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Application Of Golden Needle (Radiofrequency)

“With the treatment of gold needles or gold frequency, it is possible to reach the skin directly without affecting the surface of the skin; it is ensured that the skin is bright, tense and healthy.

“Specially designed micro-needles in gold needle radiofrequency application stimulate the skin under the radiofrequency waves and initiate the healing process in the skin. The lengths of the used needles range from 0.5 to 3.0 mm. This method is called ‘golden needle’ since the needle used here is made from gold. A new step in this method is to give the flow only through the tip of the needle, not through the entire needle.

The areas where this application is used are;

  • Removal of skin wrinkles, Skin resurfacing and skin quality increase, Pore tightening,
  • In the treatments of sagging on the areas of the face, neck, low-neck, arms and legs.
  • In the treatment of acne scars,
  • In the treatment of Skin Spots,
  • In the treatments of Scars,
  • There are 4 sessions per month in the treatment of fractures caused by pregnancy and weight gain and loss. The intervals and the number of sessions can be determined by the physician according to the need of the skin.

Local anaesthetic cream is applied to the patient before the procedure. Radiofrequency can be applied in all seasons.  The application takes about 30 minutes for the face area. Mild redness may occur for 1-2 hours after application. No needle marks, no bleeding and no bruising. Immediate visible results are obtained from the first session. Long lasting success is achieved. Can be used effectively in all skin types and colours. Clinical outcomes have proved successful. The patient can continue to normal life at least one day later. “