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H100 (Young) Vaccine

Rejuvenate without surgery!

The H100 vaccine, which contains much hyaluronic acid, also contains peptides, amino acids and antioxidants.

The H100 graft helps to deepen, increase moisture capacity, tighten dangling and deformed areas, and relieve wrinkles.

Thanks to the most powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin and amino acids known, it solves oedema, it helps to deeply naturally fill and tighten facial lines and wrinkles. Relieves muscle contraction, Supports muscle tissue under the skin, helps to tighten and reduce sags. It helps increase the collagen and elastic fibrils and improves skin tone and helps to delay the aging process. Increases cell renewal on the skin. Accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, supports the immune system. Increases human growth hormone (hgh). It has a fast illumination effect on skin pigmentation. Decreases muscle and skin texture degradation. It produces melanin that gives the skin its colour. Provides a smooth appearance to the skin.


Face, Neck, Jowl, Low-neck, Hand



According to the complaint you have, the frequency and duration of application vary from person to person. It is administered between 3 sessions and 5 sessions at least every 14 days.