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Laser Mole Removal

Most people are approaching the treatment from the aesthetic side, but the risk of cancer is a condition that should not be overlooked, as dark-coloured moles do not pose a risk, but they always have a risk of cancer. Moles can be removed without a surgery in about five minutes.
What is Laser Mole Removal?
The laser used in the treatment is a kind of light which is free from harmful rays and can be converted to high heat energy in coloured areas and it is used only in the treatment of moles which is darker than the skin because it is a colour-based treatment method. The laser treatment is a method that is also used for the treatment of hemangioma that can be seen innately in babies.
How is Laser Mole Removal Done?
Dark-coloured moles are formed either by the red colouring of the vein or by a brown pigment called melanin. As the coloured area is warmed up by the light, the brown moles with the melanin pigment rise to such an extent that the laser application can cause damage to the tissue. The dark mole tissue is in a sense cooked to a certain extent by the laser and is stripped from the live tissue underneath and separated. This layer, which separates over time, is the smallest form of treatment applied to this area in the form of mole shrinkage or loss.
Does Laser Mole Treatment Leave Mark?
There are two different methods besides laser mole removal which is among the treatment methods without surgery but the laser application is more advantageous than the others and the mark after treatment is at the same level with radio frequency. However, radio frequency method can be applied to all kinds of moles and it does not require many sessions. Therefore, it is among the more preferred methods. The recently invented plasma is one of the practical solutions to the treatment.